A Message from Our Ancestors

This time lapse video shows the creation of A Message from Our Ancestors a speed/practice painting which originally took 1.5 hours to create. read more.....



Reconciliation in the Classroom

The following is in response to the article "This Reconciliation is for the Colonizer" and resulted from an email I received from a good friend and teacher who was concerned that what she was doing in her classroom to promote reconciliation was meaningless. Or as stated in her own words read more.....



ET Crowle Public School at Quest 2017

ET Crowle Public School at Quest 2017 read more.....



ET Crowle PS - Preparing for Quest

ET Crowle Public School - Preparing for Quest read more.....

A Message From Our Ancestors

Although the title for this painting is somewhat Tongue-in-check there is real historical evidence for the sentiment.

As you watch this video keep in mind that this is a practice or speed painting. I typically do these as practice canvases to either explore a topic or to work out some elements before I carry onto a larger canvas. I rather enjoy these as they allow me to loosen up and not to worry about the outcome.