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OMAH - We are Still Here! - 11.05.22

OMAH Interview - We are Still Here! - 11.05.22

Laying Down Tobacco is based on a traditional practice or ceremony that has many functions. The term can reference a specific action or thought.

Process video for "Unmarked" - Painting can be viewed at OMAH 11.05.22

Interview for solo exhibit at the Woodland Cultural Centre - 5.25.19

Project feature: A York Region District School Board Story
Released June 2020

Process video for Juliet -Oiil on Canvas - 18x36 inches: Available

Process video for "Messsage from our Ancestors" - 20x30: Available

In addition to being a professional artist and painter, I also work with schools in the region to bring art into the classroom. 2017 - Preparation for QUEST.